My Pricing Philosophy

Because every artist deserves to shine.

It is no secret that I love singing opera. The further I have gotten in my own pursuit of this art form, the more I have realized that we are all responsible for making sure that opera is able to expand and thrive for generations to come by lifting up those around us. I want to do my part to help support others who share my love of music. My prices were developed as a way to let artists further along in their professional journey help me in supporting others who are just starting out. I have created three artist website packages that vary depending on where you are in your career. Choose the one that you believe best suits you and your current needs. By choosing a larger package, you will give me the ability to offer affordable websites to others who are just beginning their journey.

Web Design Packages

Baby Divas & Divos Package

Everything you need to stand out at college auditions and set yourself up to get noticed.

Includes 4 basic pages (home, bio, media, contact) & a personalized logo.


Comprimario Package

You’re ready to start your career and need a more substantial online presence.

Includes 5 basic pages (home, bio, media, performance schedule/press, contact), a personalized logo, and 3 months of free updates.


Principal Package

You are already finding success in your career and need a website to tell your story.

Includes 6 basic pages (home, bio, media, performance schedule, press, contact), a personalized logo, and 6 months of free updates.


Ready to get started?

A la Carte

Monthly Website Hosting

While I do not offer web hosting myself, I do have a few favorites that I recommend to all of my clients! Click on the logos below to learn more. 

Monthly Content Updates

I will keep your website up-to-date with monthly updates to your performance schedule and most recent recordings.



what are you waiting for?

Ready to Get Started?

Below, you will find a button that will link to a Google Form where you can add all the information I will need to get started on your artist website. If you have any questions or have a special project that does not fall under the category of artist websites, please reach out to me through the contact page.

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